2018-2019 Breedings

Chumlee x Nalah



Going down: March 2018

Dam/Owned by Nalah, Rainier Bully Kennels

Sire/Owned by Chumlee, Mudd Boggin Bullys

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Chumlee x Dessi



Going down: Spring 2018

Dam/Owned by: Dessi, Rainier Bully Kennels

Sire/Owned by: Chumlee, Mudd Boggin Bullys

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Diego x Ch Jean



Going down: Summer/Fall 2018

Dam/Owned by: Ch Jean, Rainier Bully Kennels

Sire/Owned by: Diego, Miranda Lyn

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Daxagi x Dept. Of Game



Going down: Winter 2018/2019

Dam/Owned by: Dept of Game, Rainier Bully Kennels

Sire/Owned by: Daxagi, Manuel Haynes

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GRCH HuggyBear x Luna




GRCH Huggy x Luna pups born 4/6/18. 7 males and 3 females. Colors are blue, blue and black tri and black. Pictures to follow

Please contact us as we will have puppies available off this litter. Puppies will be $3500 and this will include the ear cropping. Shipping is available upon request

Dam/Owned by: Luna of Sandoval Sunset Kennels

Sire/Owned by: GRCH Huggy, Rainier Bully Kennels

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Chumlee x CH Toxic



Pedigree link:

Going down: Pups born 1/23/17

Dam/Owned by:

Sire/Owned by:

3 Males, 3 Females

Check out the open pups on the Available pups page!

future puppy pedigree link