El Chema info

Smugglrs Most Wanted of RBK

You should believe the hype with this boy, 2x GRCH EL Toro son, a great asset to any breeders program! 


We are happy to introduce the world to CDK Smugglrs Most Wanted of RBK , IN WHICH WE CALL EL CHEMA . This boy is a box of dynamite, produced by the world renown Ivan Condor, owner of GRCH EL Toro. Man are we blessed to have this boy right here in the PNW and in our own kennel no less, who knew he was hiding over here in Washington! EL Chema is a 2x GRCH El Toro stud, he is currently open to the public, please contact us for information on his stud fees, we are reasonable and easy to work with, have references available if needed! Lets make some bullys!

Chema Stats

-50lbs of pure muscle, mass with out being over weight!

-14in tall, short compact body

-14in long back

-21in neck

-23in head 

-Full tail

-Clean bite

Personality to die for, not easily phased by surroundings. Gets along well with other dogs, great with people. Great roll dog and traveling companion. This boy can move, loves the flirt pole (and the ladies), he has got hops and pictures and videos do not do this boy justice. Total package kinda stud, he is every stud owners wish and every breeders dream.  

Shipping at bitch owners expense, local breedings available (natural ties only available with proof of negative Brucellosis test) AI services available. Get in where you fit in before he is closed to the public!

Chema in the yard

running with the boy, its always nice to see videos with movement.

Chema running with Bob and Daelah

More movement.