Guardian Homes are a great opportunity for the right family. In order to give our breeding dogs the very best life possible, it is important to limit how many dogs we personally keep and house, we understand in order to breed the highest quality dogs which is our MAIN GOAL, we also needed to keep, evaluate, and add quality bloodlines to our breeding program. Guardianships enable dogs participating in our program to live one on one with a family while they are participating in our program. They are loved and cared for by the same family they will be living with when they retire, this is a FOREVER home and a lifetime commitment.   

What is the benefit to you? 

You will receive a “pick of the litter” puppy, top breeding quality at a reduced price.   

What is the benefit to our kennel? 

My puppy will be in a permanent, forever home, getting the attention and living environment conducive to creating an exceptional pet and allowing us to continue our breeding program. 

What is the sacrifice for you? 

We technically own your puppy until the terms of agreement have been met (Females are contracted for up to 3 litters {each litter must contain at least 3 puppies to be considered a full litter} and males to a certain age. Once the terms are met, the pet will be spay/neuter and we will transfer full ownership to you. 

Your dog will come to us for a week for breeding and then back to you. Your female dog will then come live with us at one week before her due date and until the puppies are weaned at about 6 weeks (but will live with you during her pregnancy). We will allow visits that are scheduled and agreed upon. Males will not need to leave you for extended periods. 

You must be available for us to take your dog for breeding related testing (scheduled in advance) and breeding and for females you will have to endure a few heat cycles and keep her away from male dogs during this time. 

What is the sacrifice for us? 

I have to trust you with my breeding dog so we have to be sure we are a great match for each other. 

We pay for all breeding related expenses (health testing, stud fees, whelping costs, puppy raising costs) and make all arrangements, including travel. 


-You have to have great communication with me and allow me to see my dog when I deem necessary through the duration of the contract. 

-Live within 3 hours of Tacoma, WA. 

-Notify me immediately when your female dog comes in heat. 

-Routine vet care (we pay for breeding related expenses, but you are responsible for routine care). 

-Ensure your puppy is well socialized and attend puppy obedience classes. 

-Ensure your female isn’t around intact males during her cycle. For males, ensure he never breeds to a female, unless it’s an approved breeding/timing by us. 

-If you need to relocate outside of our 3 hour area, you must let us know as soon as possible so we can make fair arrangements, on a case by case basis and according to our written agreement. 

-Must have fenced yard or adequate kennel area (10x10 welded wire is best).  

-Dog must be raised in home with the family. 

-This is not a fly by night relationship, you must understand that we will be in constant contact with you, we mine as well be at picnics together as family lol. 

-Maintain our set standard of care and diet.  

-All RBK dogs or puppies placed in guardian homes are protected by a legal binding contract.

If you are interested in being a potential guardian home, please contact us. 

If we as breeders, pet lovers, and animal advocates truly reject the idea of puppy mills, then to our knowledge there is no better way than the guardian home program to help reputable breeders like us continue to breed dogs in a humane and loving environment and out of cages so in order to continue to produce HAPPY and HEALTHY puppies for families who are looking for forever companions. 

Occasionally a puppy we have chosen to participate in our program ends up not being a fit for our breeding/show program. When this happens said puppy will be released from their obligation, spayed/neutered and become a permanent member of the guardians home.

Are guardian homes just for puppies? 

Of course not! Do you want to skip the puppy stage?  Already want a dog that's crate trained? Maybe even champion? We have adult dogs looking for their guardian homes too, these dogs are retired from show life but still participating in our program! 

Is this right for you?

 If you feel like your family would be a great fit as a guardian to a RBK puppy or dog, remember, this is a life long commitment, please send us an email by clicking on the link below!