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Always been this dude. It's been a long road, lost alot of really cool people along the way. I'm still here and I'm not changing now. Dog fancier, welder, fabricator, dog breeder, painter and loyal father ...catch me out there and let's blaze 1 and talk about life. I've been there done that.
I had good parents, to a point. But it was the 70's. As a teen became foster kid, ward of state. Lots of fights and fun. I met lots of people. In 1987 I bought a apbt and an am staff, they bred and I was hooked. Had my puppies and the world couldn't stop me. So I thought. Got caught up in some bad stuff in 92 and ended up going to prison. Got out in 1997.
Was out of prison 2 months and found myself loving a Rottweiler I named Ariel. After a fight with early year hip dysplasia and heart problems she passed at 2yrs old. Bought an apbt in 1999 while living with some friends Ben and Laurie when it was really Laurie and crew.
Well I had ZOWIE for 14 years. She had 4 litters that gave me and my fellow apbt lovers wonderful offspring. I bought CHICO from Lance in 2000 and had him for 16 years. He was an awsome guard dog, was ruler of his neighborhood for sure.
Out of all the litters of dogs I kept a lil white female I named VALERIA after the female bully we had as a kid in 87. She was a good dog. She lived 11years, she was daughter to Zowie xxx Chico. When I lost Valeria I was broken. My heart hurt so much. Zowie and Valeria in 2 yr period. Killed me.
So I went to find me a soul mate. I found my old lady Nalah. 2014 started something in me. I wanted a healthy vibrant dog that people wouldn't be scared of.
I was broken in body and soul until 2011 when I found the most important individual in my life, my wife Jasmine who has given me a child and the future I wanted, the future we all deserve. 

There's a lot of life and events that take place but this is just a note my book . 

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Jasmine Dickson

Additional Information


Jasmine spends most of her days wrangler dogs and a 3yr old daughter. Her love of dogs started long before she stepped in to the ring but her passion for shows was sparked by her relationship with Huggybear.

In November of 2015 if happened. "I never wanted to be in the ring, Jasmine says, but there I was." With her dog in hand and a choking fear of falling, with a gentle push from her fellow bully enthusiasts and husband Bobby (who was showing Ceaser, which was why he couldn't show Huggy, at the time I was upset because I was TERRIFIED) She and Huggybear  started at last, all it took was one, one first place ribbon that turned into a Best Male and then into a Best/Male Female which in turn became a Best of Winners and went on to a Group one and suddenly there they were, first time in the ring lining up for Best In Show, competing with the best of other breeds.  That is when it happened, an addiction was born and suddenly from that moment on getting up at 3am to drive to a dog show wasn't all that crazy.

It took 3 years but finally it was our turn, countless Best in breeds and multiple Group 1's, earning our Champion title in January 2016, finishing #5 ranked UKC American Bully, and then our Grand Champ title in January 2017. We traveled to California and got our first Reserve Best in Show, finishing 2017 as the #3 American Bully.  

Finally on Feb 18th 2018 in the ring again for Best in Show, I was so incredibly sick, but that didn't stop Huggy and I, floated around the ring, the same old butterflies as the judge walked down the line, would this be the day, there is no feeling to describe as the judge, Nina Marie Sharer called out the American Bully for Best in Show, I was in shock and disbelief, me and my pet turned show dog, GRCH HuggyBear, above 173 other dogs was in that moment the best and not just in my eyes as always, but in the eyes of the judge ,my little HugaBug had done it, taken me to the top of our dog world in the ring, or so I thought. 

With our invitation in hand and not so much as a backward glance in June of 2018 Bobby, Jasmine and GRCH Huggybear set out on 33hr and 2200 mile cross country trek to the UKC Top 10 invitationals in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Where GRCH HuggyBear did it again, with me in tow he pranced around the ring becoming only the 4th American Bully to ever win, competing against 4 of the UKC Top 10 dogs he yet again took me to the top. 

I have champed out several dogs since our start in 2015 and even helped others handle in the ring but there will never be a greater feeling in my heart of hearts then walking into the ring with my HuggyBear who will ALWAYS be the best dog too me. 

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Daelah Dickson

Dog woman in the making

Stay tuned...

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